I will always support you as you are by far my most favourite, bestest and cleverest orthotics guru I have ever met. I have done over a 1000 km’s in the last year and I am still going strong. My 5k time is down to 27min and before long I will be running sub 20min 5k’s!

Hi Carlo. At first they were a bit uncomfortable and my right side felt higher than the other. But I'm wearing them all day now and they feel normal and have no discomfort. Thank you


Dear Carlo The orthotics have been great. Walking has become such a breeze. Thank you so much.


Been struggling for 3 years with severe pain, could barely run 2km. Got my orthotics and 3 weeks later I am doing 10km a day!! Carlos has been amazing, I am SO happy!! Worth every single cent!!!!

Nelia du Toit

Dear Carlo and Team

Trust you all are well.

I would like to thank you Carlo and his team for making such a huge impact on my running lately.

Being frustrated for 3 years, due to blisters on my feet starting from 8km and onwards, running has never been so comfortable and painless.

I have received my running shoes and orthotics/inserts one week before the 21km Two Oceans and never enjoyed running so much before - never walked during the race and had no blister at all! This still amaze me so much!

It am still very thankful and will definitely recommend Biodynamics Institute for any sport injury and pain.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,
Lizahn Human

You guys have really done a magnificent job of making our bodies stronger and healthier. We appreciate your professionalism and friendship.
Thanks Vanessa and Allan from the USA.

Hi guys,

Just a little something to say thank you to everyone at Biodynamics ! The quality of service and the knowledge of the staff have helped me on the road to recovery and have saved me thousands for unnecessary procedures. Really is great to see the advancement in technology that is being utilised to help aid pin pointing the problem.

I always highly recommend you to all my friends and family because of the warm social environment and knowledge within the practice.

So once again, a BIG thank you to everyone involved !! What an amazing team !!

Kind regards

Craig Poultney

Air Traffic Services Officer | Air Traffic Services

Cape Town International Airport

Hi. I just want to let you guys know that I haven't felt this good in over a year! My knee feels super stong and even though its not close to 100% YET, I can finally train and move around in the mountains again. My calf is very irritated with the new orthotic. Its not as bad as last time but I'm sure it will go away soon. I realized that running and moving around freely is much more important to me than I thought, the fact that I couldn't do what I enjoyed scared the crap out of me and I want to make sure it never happens again. Birgit thank you for fixing my engine and adding some turbos. Carlo thank you for sorting out my mechanics and chassis. I appreciate how you have treated both of us and I consider myself lucky that I saw a random banner in a random mall and randomly found you guys.

Hopefully I can one day thank you when I'm standing on a podium somewhere giving my victory speech 😜😜.
Have a good weekend 🍻 Xavier