Running Lab


The Biodynamics Team offers a comprehensive running analysis that provides insight regarding your running style, along with what sort of shoe works best for that specific style. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of new running shoes, or just want to know more about your body’s biomechanics, we have the tools to help answer your questions. The running analysis utilises the latest technology to assess the physiological, mechanical and technical parameters that influence your movement patterns. It’s the perfect opportunity to better understand HOW the body works.


When you arrive for your running analysis, be prepared to sweat! You won’t just be walking up and down in a few pairs of shoes. In order to see which shoe suits your biomechanics best, we’ll need to test you thoroughly in each one. We work with three fantastic brands that continue to produce phenomenal results week in and week out. These are Brooks, Puma and Mizuno. When you come in for the analysis, you will run in each of the pairs we provide as well as your own pair to see how they fair.

What you’ll need:
Current Running Shoes, Running Attire, Water Bottle, Sweat Towel


We’ll start off by taking down some basic information such as your height, weight, resting heart rate and current activity level so that we can create a profile for you on our state of the art software programme. Once you’re raring and ready to go, we place a sophisticated heart rate monitor on you and give you the opportunity to warm up on the treadmill. The aim of the warm up is to get the blood pumping and identify a suitable intensity that is able to produce your maximum heart rate. You will maintain this specific intensity for the duration of the testing period to ensure equal conditions are tested across all of the shoes. This allows for the most accurate comparison possible and provides you with all the information you need to make the best pick.

Once we get your heart rate up to a suitable level, a second piece of equipment is fitted which will monitor your biomechanical factors. This unique device contains 3 accelerometers and 2 goniometers and is able to measure a number of variables that influence your gait.

The data collection portion of the test includes the following:

  • - Changing into the required pair of shoes.
  • - Running until your maximum heart rate is reached.
  • - Engaging the device to assess you for 30 seconds before disengaging it.
  • - Stopping the treadmill for a short break (max 90 seconds) to change into your next pair of shoes.
  • - Repeat!

As mentioned earlier, we will test you in each pair of shoes as well as barefoot to collect all of the necessary data. When you are ready and recovered, we will go through the data and explain the results to you. Video analysis will also be provided to illustrate the different effects the shoes have on your running style.

The shoes will be available for purchase straight away and you could be walking away with the key to a personal best an hour after you walked in the door!