Predictive and Preventive Program

What is the Predictive and Preventive Program?

The Predictive & Preventive Program is an algorithm developed using data from 6000 cases by the Biodynamics Institute for Human Mechanical Performance. Given the necessary information, the program is able to predict chronic injuries and discomforts.

So how do we achieve this?

All we need is a full body x-ray, with which we can take measurements. With an x-ray, we can understand the complications faced with injuries, pain, and discomfort - past, present and future. With these outcomes, we can assist in the therapy and way forward for the patient and practitioner, healing past and present problems and preventing future ones.

What we do to create a successful Patient Outcome?

We want to create a sustainable patient/ practitioner interaction.
We want to create an out of the box relationship between patient and practitioner. This relationship is one that not only focuses on the treatment but is also very informative to both patient and practitioner. This is to bea process whereby the practitioner can include the patient in and around the process of treatment.
The Predictive and Preventative Program (PPP) is a unique and different method or level of engagement between the patient and the practitioner. PPP is not just a set of exercises, therapy or orthotics that will magically treat and cure ailments. It is a means of gaining another form of data which assists in pinpointing the root cause of potential ailments.
It helps the practitioner time in solving the problem and become more efficient in solving it, The outcome gives the practitioner and patient more confidence in solving a problem, a problem that has taken a long time to develop and a good probability of preventing other problems occurring. It’s also a good time for the patient to reflect on the good and the bad of its skeletal/ muscular function, the strong and the weak parts of the body, thereby taking a positive action to remedy.

Means of measurements
The PPP System makes it easier for the practitioner to do a double evaluation. This evaluates whether:

  • The patient is compliant with the treatment prescribed
  • The practitioner is successful in her treatment protocols

This is done by physical measurements that we have protocols for, e.g. 1 R M and kinematic visuals on ROM

All results are presented in a visual format, so it can be easily read and understood by both patient and practitioner - leading to more constructive action.

PPP evaluation and outcomes
The aim of the PPP system is to help practitioners perform to a higher standard and form quality, personalised bonds with their patients - thus increasing patient flow through word of mouth.

We would like to create a worldwide network of practitioners with access to invaluable data. The data we collect will be accessible to all practitioners in the network, to use at any time for comparison, forum discussion projects, conferences and anything else they may think of.

The future of PPP is to create a network of practitioners to engage amongst themselves in a highly informed manner, thus creating a universal learning forum.