Gait Analysis

What to expect

Upon arriving at the Bio-Dynamics Institute, you will have a quick discussion with Carlo about the nature and extent of your problem/issue. He will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle and activity levels in order to get a clear understanding and background.

After that, our sport scientist will perform a full body alignment and gait check. This will involve having markers placed on your shoulders, spine, hips and legs. You will be barefoot for the assessment in order to get an accurate account of your current condition. Some photos and videos will be taken of you standing still and walking on a treadmill which takes approximately 15 minutes. The treadmill operates at a very slow speed so you will not break a sweat.

You will then return to Carlo who will go through the videos and photographs with you, carefully explaining and analysing everything so you clearly understand the identified problems. At this stage you may be referred for muscular function testing or x-rays to determine the extent of the problems. It is vital we get as much information as possible before progressing with treatment.

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