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Welcome to the Biodynamics Institute

At Biodynamics we are a team of practitioners dedicated to performance enhancement. our motto is better stronger faster and therefore our goal is to analyze, measure, monitor and improve your performance.

Foot Doctor Cape Town | Biodynamics Institute Podiatrist Cape Town | Carlo Longano

Predictive and Preventative Solutions

The Predictive & Preventive Program is an algorithm developed using data from 6000 cases by the Biodynamics Institute for Human Mechanical Performance. Given the necessary information, the program is able to predict chronic injuries and discomforts.

Foot Doctor Cape Town | Biodynamics Institute Podiatrist Cape Town | Carlo Longano

Podiatry with a difference!

The Biodynamics Team delivers a multi-directional global approach so that everyone can achieve their maximum overall wellness to live their best life.

Welcome To the Biodynamics Institute

Podiatrist Cape Town

Running gait can be divided into two phases in regard to the lower extremity: stance and swing. These can be further divided into absorption, propulsion, initial swing and terminal swing.

Gait Analysis | Podiatrist Cape Town

the systematic study of human motion, using the eye and the brain of observers, augmented by instrumentation for measuring body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of the muscles.


General Fitness Tips

Be Comfortable

We conduct various real-time tests in order to assist you with the knowledge to find the running shoe best suited for you. Our goal is to minimise running-related injuries to that you can achieve your highest performance level.
These tests include the following: Video gait analysis, Comparing various running shoes by using video analysis, Electromyography of muscle, Logging of strides per minute, Stride amplitude and stride distance, Leg thrust-off angle, Weight/force absorption/distribution. We also stock and can test you on several shoe brands.

Eat Well

That's right, more important than exercise initially is a change in diet. Before you buy a gym membership or even some new spandex, take a week to make some dietary changes. If you have access to a good dietician or trainer is right approach for achieving maximum overall wellness.

Serious About Sports?

It is important to note that all sports carry a risk of injury. The severity and frequency of injury varies depending on the sport, position played, amount of preparation building up to competition, level of competition, and the age of the “athlete”.
There are many predisposing factors for injuries in sport. Three major factors which affect the prevalence of injury in younger athletes are: lifestyle, seriousness/level of competition, and amount of preparation.
What to do following an injury:
Follow the PRICE recommendation (P – position, R – rest, I – ice, C – compression, E – elevation).
Seek medical advice (Doctor/Sports Physician, Physiotherapist, Biokineticst).
Treat appropriately
Do extensive rehabilitation to prevent future injury.
Do “pre-habilitation” to avoid any other injuries.

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